Steel Script Troupe: Come & Experience The Disconnect

We had an opportunity to attend the Spring showcase by the Steel Script Troupe earlier this semester, titled "Come & Experience The Disconnect".

The Steel Script Troupe is a poetry group that began last year with the help of 2nd Lt Cydnee Reese, a 2017 grad from the Academy. 


There are also many supporting roles as well including the Stage Knights, these cadets act as stagehands for the shows and special assistants. All in all this troupe has a big involvement from cadets and is a fantastic fresh way for cadets to communicate with each other.

Below is a video of the entirety of their first showcase, each skit has been created to make the audience think. Viewer discretion is advised before watching, so please read below.

"The scenes that are about to follow do not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of the poets of Steel Script Troupe. This is an expression of art and a display of perceptions that are very real in the world."


The troupe’s performing members in order of appearence include;

1st Skit: C3C Manzi N. Masozera and C2C Deon Dodd

2nd Skit: C3C Sean Chieves

3rd Skit: C4C Noah Jensen

4th Skit: C2C Brianna Murray

5th Skit: C4C Makayla Gilliam, C2C Brianna Murray, and C3C Jacques-Philippe Calixte.

6th Skit: C2C Avery Chatmon and C2C Kathleen Kohler.

6th Skit: C3C Sean Chieves, C2C Deon Dodd, C4C Noah Jensen and C4C Richard Miles.