Intramurals & Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo

This morning the team was out in full force catching intramurals, as always we try our best to capture every group. We’ve been able to get the majority of the IC sports both inside the Cadet Gym as well as outside and each of the Squadrons involved in different sports around the athletic fields.

This afternoon the Basics are enjoying some fun and relaxation at the 78th Annual Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo! This Rodeo not only provides action and fun for those attending, but also pays tribute to the local military establishments and their families. During the Rodeo, the Cadre that will be working with your Basics during BCT 2 are moving into their assigned summer rooms and getting prepped to begin their training. Once all of the Basics return, their new Cadre are introduced and the BCT 1 Cadre say farewell and begin their plans for 3rd period. Which could be anything from a summer ops program, home for a break, or taking a class.

Because of the relaxed location, you will most likely get to see pictures like the ones below of your Basics at the Rodeo. The Cadets in the photos below are probably some of your Basics current Cadre.

We will be posting everything from this morning’s Intramurals and their afternoon at the Rodeo later today so stay tuned! We will be sending out an alert on Facebook as pictures are being uploaded!

Tomorrow is another Intramural Day, but this time with their new Cadre. We can’t wait to watch BCT 2 unfold! Check back tomorrow for our blog post on Intramural activities! We hope you all have a wonderful rest of your Saturday!