In-Processing Day 2020 for the class of 2024

All the appointees were dropped off at the HAC (Holaday Athletic Center). Goodbyes were said and the Class of 2024 were on their way.  We were able to capture the appointees going through many stages of in-processing.  Hopefully, for you parents that made the trip out to Colorado Springs, you were able to drive by the Falcon Stadium and Doolittle Hall.


We started off the morning at the HAC (these photos will go up tomorrow due to technical difficulties), where the appointees were dropped off to begin their journey.  We picked them back up on the indoor track going through admissions.


After going through a few more in-processing stations it was time to get on the bus to the Footprints.  This year’s Footprints were spread out and fewer than in years past.




We will continue editing this evening and early morning and have the rest of our coverage up tomorrow.  Due to this year’s scrutiny over COVID-19 distancing, it is taking longer to edit than in previous years.  Thank you for your patience and check back tomorrow for the rest of the I-Day Photos.

You can find I-Day photos under, Classes > 2024 > InProcessing or click the link below.