A Course Explained

Today we’d like to share a bit more about the Assault Course. 

Let's talk about the Assault Course, and yes it really is a -50 on the WebGuy fun scale. The basics do this course twice while at Jacks.

So here is the gist.  First, the Basics are briefly taught armed and unarmed combat by the course cadre.  The second time through this section will be replaced by the pugil stick fights).  

After this, the Basics are given one last chance to drink some water, you have to hydrate in the Colorado altitude, and then they get a nice cool drenching to keep them cool on the course!

Now the real "fun" begins.  The course has multiple obstacles which they must complete while also doing nonstop PT between the obstacles.  They also get to repeat obstacles as necessary. 


Running, jumping, crawling, & water is involved throughout.  So are megaphones, whistles, smoke, & dust. 

Of course we have left out quite a few of the obstacles, but you get the idea.  In the end, they end up at obstacle #16 The Wall.  The Basics below are waiting for the signal to jump over the last obstacle.  It can take a while to get that signal. This is one obstacle they don’t do on their first day at the A Course.

The Basics spend about three hours total on the Assault Course. The first hour is learning combat, the next couple of hours are spent on the course itself.

At the end, this is how they look.  (Note the large smiles)

We're back in Jacks to cover the action this morning! Happy Wednesday!