"Warfighter Week"

General Moga, Commandant of Cadets, has issued a week full of phyiscal challenges for the Cadet Wing and it is known as "Warfighter Week." WebGuy was there to capture some of the action that took place on Stillman field yesterday evening.

Yesterday was a Round Robin style fitness challege were the 4 Degrees and other members of their squadron rotated between numerous fitness stations that were led by the 1st degrees.  Each station performed a physical activity such as squats, burpees, planks, stair climbers, running the bleachers, sit-ups, push-ups and much more!

This was definitely a grueling challenge for all.  There were at least 40 stations that all cadets rotated to and they may have repeated some stations if time allowed.





Listed below are the challenges for each day.  Most events won't be covered by WebGuy because they are throughout the day at various times and locations and done as each squadron/cadets schedule allows.


Wing Round Robin: 1610-1745 on Stillman Field – physical workout for the whole wing, with squadron 4degs rotating through different groups of wing upperclassmen.

Physical Challenge – Mega Murph Monday


Physical Challenge – 2022 Tuesday: Squadrons will be completing a total of 2022 pushups, 2022 situps, and 2022 pullups.


Physical Challenge – Warrior “Way too Far” Wednesday: Squadrons run a total of 200 miles (example – 50 cadets each run 4 miles).  


Physical Challenge – Thigh Thursday: 1000 min of wall squats, 1000 flights of stairs.


Doolie Derby: 1135-1155 on Terrazzo (4degs race around the Tzo grass prior to noon meal)

Physical Challenge – Fitness Friday: Squadrons develop their own fitness competitions or makeup previous days if missed.


To view photos from Monday's Round Robin Workout Challenge, go to GALLERIES > Military Training > Commandant's Challenge.  Set photo order OLDEST to NEWEST.  Select your start page or click on the link below.

***Photos order must be set OLDEST to NEWEST for the link to take you to the correct start page.

Warfighter Week Commandant Challenge pgs. 131 (bottom of page)- 191    Warfighter Week