Recognition Is Almost Here!


WebGuy Here! Recognition begins after Academics tomorrow afternoon.  I know many of you families out there are nervous.   This specific rite of passage is unique to the Air Force Academy, although the other service academies have culminating events for their freshman classes.  

The Cadet Wing has been in the run-up to Recognition for the past 40 days in honor of the 40 cadet squadrons.  As in past years, WebGuy will be covering some parts of Recognition this year.  Our goal is to provide the "flavor" of the 3 days without compromising the details.  We do this not to exclude you, but rather to respect the tradition and to follow the specific Rules of Engagement handed down by the Academy leadership.  Following the rules is what gets us the great access that we have enjoyed for many years. Having said that, be assured the professionalism and training of the cadre has been a very high priority and all activities are closely supervised by permanent party.   Recognition WILL be rigorous, but it is all with a purpose.

Here are the Rules of Engagement we followed last year.  As always that could change, but we expect them to be the same this year.

  • There will be absolutely no video allowed during Recognition.
  • There will be absolutely no photography occurring in the dorms. This means there will be no photography by us during the Prop and Wings Ceremonies.
  • There will be no posting of photos to any public websites until after Recognition.  That means no Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

You can expect to see the photos up in the Recognition gallery located on the Class of 2019 page, as well as the Military Training gallery starting late Saturday evening.   We may have some limited photos and blog posts up before then, but that depends on guidance we get from the Cadet Wing and Public Affairs.  Either way, I will have further info here as Recognition progresses, so check back.  

So there you go.  To kick our coverage off, here is a video created by Zack S of the Class of 2012 and posted to YouTube on 4/8/2012.   Enjoy!