Colorado Springs Airport

There are two major airports in Colorado. We’re the small one. This might seem like a funny difference to spotlight, but there are good reasons to own and embrace being Colorado’s small airport. Being small means we can deliver a unique experience that big airports typically can’t, such as easy parking, small lines, small waits, and small walks to gates.


Being a small airport gives us the ability to treat each person who travels through as a friend and a neighbor, a person rather than a number. A small airport is more comfortable and less stressful. A small airport is safe and welcoming. Here’s the surprising part. In our case, small also means big options for direct flights to major hubs. It means places to shop and eat and enjoying the time before departure. We’re proud to be Colorado’s small airport and to help passengers connect to the world in a personal way.


Our purpose is to create an experience for travelers that is rooted in the qualities of a small airport. We’re the first airport to claim the distinction of being a small airport, and we’re going to be the first to define what this means. We’re here to support the community, connect people, reduce stress, and to make the time people spend in the airport more enjoyable. We want to be people’s first choice for flying in and out of Colorado. We’re here to make everything easy and friendly and to give people a reason to

say “I love my small airport.”


Fall in love with Colorado’s Small Airport.