BCT Intramurals

Happy 4th! While many of you had the day off, the Basics didn't and neither did WebGuy (thanks to the awesome staff that helped out this morning)! We were out there bright and early to catch your basics smiling faces (yes we did see some smiles and tried to catch them!). As always we did our best to get everyone but sometimes we miss them.  A picture finding tip for BCT Intramurals...they are all in one folder, but here's a tip to find your basic, each squadron has different color pinnies.

Aggressors-Light Blue


Cobras- Purple

Demons- Green

Executioners- Dark Blue

Fly Tigers- Red

Guts- Maroon

Hellcats - Yellow

The intramural sports we were able to capture today were handball, basketball, flag football, flickerball, volleyball, unltimate frisbee, soccer, and softball. Some of the IC sports we were able to get were gymnastics, boxing, hockey, baseball and swimming.





We hope you enjoy your day, BBQs and fireworks shows you are participating in tonight!  To view all the pictures from today go to Classes > 2023 > BCT Intramurals or click the link. BCT Intramurals