Hi Families!

This blog entry is primarily for you Doolie families.  Can you believe it's almost been a week since I-Day?  For some of you it probably seems like a month.  Probably feels like that to your Basic's also.  Of course they don't have watches or phones to consult, so they have no way to tell.  We are just about through the photo dry spell.  It has been long for us too.  For those who are reading this, I hope you have enjoyed the history lessons.  We will continue to add those in throughout the remainder of BCT. 

In case you are wondering what your Basics have been up to during the past 3 days, here is a quick summary.  They have gotten up early, had lots of exercise, had three meals a day, taken very quick showers, practiced marching, taken academic tests, gotten more uniforms and supplies, gone to the dentist, gotten their rubber duckies (more about that later), filled out forms, listened to various briefings on various subjects (while trying to stay awake), memorized some of the same facts that we shared with you, and most importantly, HYDRATED.  All very important to begin their Air Force careers, but none very photogenic.  If it makes you feel any better, the wait for more photo opportunities has been hard on your WebGuy team too.  We are fortunate in that we have been kept busy covering the other summer training programs.   Those families have been just as anxious as you to see their cadets in those programs.

Which brings me to the subject of today's rather short blog.  I was looking through our photos of Jump, Soaring, & ABL taken over the past few days.  Take a look at the faces in photos below.


They are all smiling.  They are doing amazing things this summer.  The BCGs are gone.  The hair has grown back.  But they were right where your cadets are now at this time last summer.  These are your kids a year from now. 

As stressful as this time is for you and them, it is a right of passage.  The Class of 2022 cadets in the photos above look like they do, because they looked like the photo below last summer.  Your kids will too.  I promise.  Keep this in mind over the next few weeks. 

Thanks for your patience during the last few days during the photo gap.  There's lots more to come.   Check back tomorrow!!