Intramural Saturday

Happy Saturday!

It was intramural time again today. As always we try our best to capture every group. Sometimes groups go to practice and we just are not able to track them down! But we do try our best.

Since it’s the weekend, we hope you have a time to catch up on your reading of our WebGuy blogs. They really do answer a lot of your questions. We also want to readdress expectations. Our photographers do their best to get everyone in every squadron when they go out. However, sometimes there are things that cannot be controlled. Those could be anything from we’re having an equipment issue to your basic is the best camera dodger around! Eventually picture counts will even out and happy pictures will even out. Remember not every squadron does the same thing the same day. The activity might look similar:  example Tailor Shop versus Uniform Issue but they are very different!







Please enjoy the rest of your Saturday! We won’t be out tomorrow due to what their activities are, but we’ll cover that all in our Summary Sunday blog.