Commandant's Luncheon

Happy Friday!

I bet you can all agree with me on this.  BCT is essentially over for another year.  This time next summer the Class of 2020 will have completed Jump, Soaring, Powered Flight, Space, or  RPA training.  They will have survived ESET.  You will be much less stressed, but you will still be looking through those photos, and I will just barely have finished all the Skittles from this summer, lol.  Instead of asking us "Where are the Demons photos?", you'll be asking us "Where are the Jump photos?"  At least that is our goal.  But, I get ahead of myself.  

As promised, todays coverage was the Commandant's Luncheon and BCT Awards.  Congratulations to the Aggressors, Basics & Cadre.  Outstanding job! 

Next, Congratulations to the Top Basic Cadet in the Top Squadron - Thomas Krzyzanowski

Top Basic Cadet - Barbarians - Luke Nimmo (Sorry for the horrible photo, Luke)

Top Basic Cadet - Cobras - Graham Kennis

Top Basic Cadet - Demons - Benjamin Hofmann

Top Basic Cadet - Executioners - Dominic Haight

Top Basic Cadet - Flying Tigers - Gabrielle McClelland

Top Basic Cadet - Guts - Peter Shannon

Top Basic Cadet - Hellcats - Katherine Scheibner

Next - Our Congratulations to the Outstanding Cadet Cadre from BCT 2!

Outstanding Element Leader - Alan Lancaster

Outstanding Flight Commander - Christopher Carr

Outstanding Squadron Staff Member - Alexandra Green

Outstanding Operations Support Squadron Member - Alexander Fulton

Outstanding Group Staff Member - Clayton Archer

Outstanding Course Cadre - Tyler Ledford

Outlanding Squadron Commander - Emily Smithwick

Once again, our Congratulations to not only these outstanding Basics & Cadets, but to all who have worked so hard to complete another successful Basic Cadet Training.

All the photos from today's luncheon and awards are now up in the BCT 2 gallery.   Now before I end this entry, a word to families of upper class cadets.  The last summer training photos are up in those galleries as well.  We will have the BCT 2 Cadre photos up for those families by Monday.  The good news is that we took a lot of them, that is why it is taking so long to get them posted in their own gallery.  Of course they are already there in the BCT galleries if you want to hunt. 

That's it for now.  The Acceptance Day blog is coming up.  I'm working on that next.   Bye for now.