Sunday Supplement #5

BCT is in the books, which means Acceptance Day is next Friday! Are you getting excited? We sure are! If, (to paraphrase the recent viral Facebook video), WebGuy has become a "LifeStyle" for you, the next few days are going to bring on some separation anxiety.   Daily WebGuy photos will be noticeably fewer or missing altogether for a few days.  Don't worry.  That does not mean that things are not happening.   While the basics (yes they are still basics until A-Day) are transitioning to their academic year squadrons and getting ready to start academics, the WebGuy team is also transitioning from summer programs coverage to the academic year as well. 

We hope this break gives you time to review all the pictures from the summer, reconnect with family you neglected, clean the house, and do laundry!  Catch some of the Olympics.  Trust me, that’s what a lot of the WebGuy staff did with their weekend off. Come Friday we will be back at it in full force out to cover Acceptance Day.  Be sure and wave when you see our photographers at the parade or after.  For those of you who cannot be there in person, our WebGuy team will take a ton of pictures because that’s what we do best!

Now on to the most recent A Day information to help you plan your time here.  This was current as of this blog post.  

Beginning Monday, August 2 the general public may once again visit the Academy. The Cadet Chapel remains closed for renovations and the Planetarium is closed due to parking lot construction which impacts access to Arnold Hall.  The north gate opens at 5:30am.  Please DON'T come that early! There are plenty of seats available on A-Day. The parade starts at 9:00am.  You will NOT be able to see your basic before the parade.  Trust us on this.  The Weather Call is usually at 6:30 am.  If the parade is cancelled there will not be a parade.    As always be sure and check the Official USAFA Facebook page for the latest info.  If something changes last minute, USAFA will post it there.  Here is the link. When coming on base, please remember to bring a mask for all in your party, it is better to have one that to not! So if you are coming out to Colorado remember these things for Friday, Water, Sunscreen, Mask and Patience! 

Immediately following the parade is Convocation, which fourth class cadets must attend (still on Stillman Field). From the end of Convocation until the time announced cadets will be allowed to meet with their parents. Fourth Class Cadets will NOT be allowed to go off base with their parents. 

A word to the wise.  Check with your cadet to ensure you leave enough time for your cadet to get to their next duty location.  Your cadet will have their cell phone so you can connect.  After the parade and convocation you will get direction about going to meet your cadet and watch the upper classmen put on their rank (shoulder boards). Your cadet will be released for lunch with you follow the post-parade ceremonies.

Below is a typical A-Day Pre-Parade Sequence of Events.  (Always subject to change).

0855: Opening narration begins

0900: Cannon fire / March On  (Be ready for the canon.  It's loud!)

To help you locate your cadet, the squadrons are organized from your left to your right. Cadets squadrons 1-10 followed by squadrons 11-20. To the right of the center are Cadet squadron(s) 21-30, followed by 31-40.



The Acceptance Parade is the official beginning.  Be sure to keep your eye on the color guard when the basics march to join their AY squadrons.  You will see their class flag unfurled.   In four years at the Graduation Parade you will watch your cadets reverse the process and march out of their squadrons while their flag is furled and ultimately end up back where they started as basics. You will remember this day.

This is the last BCT 2021 Sunday Supplement.  We hope you have enjoyed these little breaks from your photo search.  There will be more information coming in upcoming blog entries about the academic year and what to expect as we continue our year round WebGuy coverage.   Until then rest those eyes because on Friday the photo hunt is back on!

We'll leave you with another blast from the past.  This video has no sound, but as you will see from the Acceptance Day Parade for the Class of 1967, the more things change, the more they remain the same.  Video courtesy of USAFA.