Friday in Jacks

Happy Friday Families!

Another day of website stability, which is one less thing for me to stress about.  I was planning to talk about the Confidence  course today, but frankly I'm beat so I will save that blog for tomorrow.   

I thought I would start off with some good news and bad news.  First the bad news.  Hellcats started the Obstace Course almost an hour earlier than the schedule said they were going to.  They were also exceptionally speedy.  This means that we missed them on the course but knowing that you would be disappointed, our photographer did manage to catch them right after and got some good individual shots of many.  Yes, I know it isn't as good as seeing them on the actual obstacles, but still better than not seeing them at all.  Now for the good news.  We got Flying Tigers on the Assault Course!!   That was an unplanned bonus.  Kudos to our photographer for making lemonade out of lemons on that one.  He also got all of Cobras on the Obstacle Course and Demons on the Assault Course.  Here's is what everyone did today.

Aggressors: CATM
Barbarians: CBRNECobras: Obstacle Course
Demons: Assault Course
Executioners: Confidence Course & LRC
Flying Tigers: Assault Course
Guts: LRC & Heritage Lecture
Hellcats: Obstacle Course

Tomorrow we'll be back in Jacks to cover Aggressors, Cobras,  Executioners, & Guts.  Keep your fingers crossed that they sort of follow the schedule this time. 

To close out today, I picked some photos from Flying Tigers on the Assault Course and Cadre demonstrating the obstacles on the Obstacle Course.  All the photos from today are up.  Enjoy your evening wherever you may be.  One week to go!



I picked this last photo because I really liked her look of determination.  You Go Basic!!