Tuesday Fountain Jumps!

Firsties are half way through their finals and continue to do their fountain jumps!



Tuesday's weather was typical Colorado weather. Foggy with light snow in the morning, then blizzard ike conditions in the afternoon with it clearing up again by the evening. It was definitely a cold and snowy day for fountain jumps! The tradition of jumping into the fountains after the 1st degree cadet's last final continues and apparently even cold weather and a mini blizzard can't stop them!



And it didn't stop Superintendent General Clark (in the red ball cap) from coming to the fountains to do a jump with some of the Firsties! The USAFA leader is a brave man for facing the frigid waters of a Colorado snowy spring!  There were no fountains when Gen. Clark graduated the Academy in 1986 so he was unable to participate in this tradition then. Thankfully he had the opportunity to do so today. Congratulations Gen. Clark on finally getting your fountain jump!



The tradition of jumping in the fountain-allowed only to seniors who have completed their last final as a cadet-is believed to be as old as the Academy itself, with the first class of graduates taking the plunge in the 1959. 

The reflecting pools and fountains were filled in and levelled in 1975 due to drainage problem.Later, between 1998 and 2000 the two fountains on either end of the Air Garden were re-excavated and filled with water again. 

Thankfully some of the fountains have been completed and filled allowing the Seniors to do their fountain jumps!  Enjoy the photos from Tuesday's jumps!




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