New Gallery

Good Evening Families,

Photos are still going up. Because today was one of those training events where it was difficult for us to tell which squadron was which, we have created a separate gallery just for that event.  In this case it's called BCT PFT/AFT.  See photo below.  Todays photos are not broken out by squadron.  You will find them by clicking the "ALL' tab.

Every time we take photos of a PFT or AFT (see earlier blog for an explanation) during BCT, they will be in that gallery, regardless of the squadron.  We won't create a new gallery for the next PFT.  We will just keep adding to this one.  Does that make sense?  We will always tell you in the blog where the photos we are talking about can be found.  We will usually also put a link so you can get there more easily (unless I forget, which sometimes happens because I am old).

While I am on the subject... 

During BCT1, most of the photos we take will be in the BCT-1 gallery sorted by squadron. (See photo below.) Note the red circle around Flying Tigers.  Later on there will be a BCT2 gallery, but more about that later.

If you are looking for just photos of Flying Tigers doing stuff, they will be there.  If you would like to see all the BCT-1 photos, just click "All".  

One last thing on this subject where there is always confusion in the beginning.   We Do NOT create a new gallery for every day.  We just keep putting photos every day into the existing galleries.  They can be sorted newest to oldest or the other way around.  Up to you.    The photos also show the date they were posted to help you narrow your search. 

Lastly, for those of you who are adventurous and want to try our advanced photo search feature, here is a link to a blog entry with a video on how to use it. ADVANCED PHOTO SEARCH FEATURE BLOG

Ok.  Tomorrow is Friday!  Coverage will be light.  In the morning all the basics will be busy with more academic assessments.  Good news for the lightly covered Aggressors, Executioners, & Flying Tiger families though.  They will have some photo opportunities in the afternoon.  If you have been paying attention to my earlier blogs and the photos from yesterday and today, you can probably guess where those squadrons will be and what they will be doing.   Here is a hint.  The squadron whose color is RED will likely be doing something involving their teeth.   The other two squadrons will not be doing that.  

More news in the AM about what's ahead tomorrow!  Enjoy your evening and keep writing those letters!! 

Oh!  One last thing.  This is the point where I shamelessly ask on behalf of our hardworking WebGuy team for goodies to sustain them.  It keeps them motivated to take that one extra shot that might one day be your favorite scrapbook photo.   If you feel so inclined, baked goods are very popular with our team.  They don't even have to be home made.  Possibly something that represents your state or region.  Just a thought.

Here's our address:

WebGuy Team
C/O Assn of Graduates
3116 Academy Drive
USAF Academy, CO 80840

Our team members are all way too modest and polite to ever ask, but I on the other hand, have no shame.  What can I say?

Talk to you tomorrow!