Firstie Departure 101

Remember this day?

Way back when you arrived for I Day here at Doolittle Hall. You probably have some sad memories or unsure memories of this place. Not the best first impression of Doolittle Hall for most! Well, the AOG and Endowment are inviting all Firsties back March 12 and 13 to change that perception! Doolittle Hall is the Alumni House and we want everyone to know we are there for them now, through their Air Force career, and beyond! 

So what is Firstie Departure 101? It's an event with awesome givewaways and free food, but besides that, helpful information! Here's a few tidbits of what we'll have: 

  • Collect information on-base or off-base housing suggestions.
  • Connect with our young alumni mentoring program and local chapters.
  • Talk to fellow young grads who can share all the insider tips.
  • Learn more about career planning with our Career Services team.
  • Watch a quick cooking demonstration.
  • Sign-up for base details delivered to your email prior to graduation and half way through your 60 days!

By now, all your Firsties have received their Save the Date for this important event, but a friendly reminder doesn't hurt. They get to choose the night, March 12 or 13 from 1630-1900. So WebFamilies remind them to RSVP! Click Firstie Departure for the website with all the information.