Class of 2024 Recognition Athletic Fields

This (Recognition) is a vital and traditional step in the United States Air Force Academy experience. It is a ceremonial acknowledgment that the fourth-class has successfully met military training requirements and is prepared to continue the rigorous and rewarding Academy journey. – The United States Air Force Academy

The start of Class of 2024 Recognition took place on the Terrazo with Formation.  Directly folling Formation on the Terrazzo, all squadrons went down to the Athletic Fields for a series of rotations of high intenstiy exercises.  Squadrons were put into four groups rotating through the various physical activities. The Groups were:

Group 1- Squadron 1-10.  Group 2- Squadron 11-20. Group 3- Squadron 21-30 and Group 4- Squadron 31-40.

Some of the activities done yesterday evening were push-ups/situps, arm raises, squats, burpees, sprints, ammo carry, mannequin carry and the tractor tire flip.





Following the Athletic Field activities they went back to the dorms to shower and change into their Service Dress.  The final Knowledge test (K-test)was done in the squadrons.  K-tests are done throughout the year, usually on Sunday evenings, which tests the fourth degrees knowledge on various subjects such as Military History and various types of aircraft flown both by the US and those flown by our enemies .These tests are designed to help cadets memorize and learn information exactly as written and recall that information under stress.  This has been shown to be extremely useful for those that go on to pilot training after graduation.

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Athletic Fields Pg. 24-34  Group 1 Squads 1-10

Athletic Fields Pg. 34-39  Group 2 Squads 11-20

Athletic Fields Pg. 39-46  Group 3 Squads 21-30

Athletic Fields Pg. 46-60  Group 4 Squads 31-40

Extra Photos   Pg. 60-62  Various Squadrons