Monday Wrap Up

Let us preface this blog with saying today we were not able to capture Demons and Guts due to their activities. 

Today we caught up with Aggressors, Cobras, Executioners, and Flying Tigers at the Aquatic Screener. You’ll see in some pictures people in ABUs, those are Cadre not Basics. The purpose of this is to place them into swim classes in the fall. We’re sure they enjoyed the time at the pool rather than outside in the scorching Colorado heat we had today.


We also caught up Barbarians and Hellcats over at Uniform Issue. We caught a lot of happy campers there, so expect some smiles.


Pictures are going to start to pick up for squadrons now. We recommend to help in the ease of looking through hundreds of pictures that you start to notice those around your basic a lot as identifying markers for when your basic might be coming up. This does help a lot when they are marching or lined up in formations.

As of this blog we’re still editing our afternoon Aquatic Screeners so pay attention to Facebook for the notification of when they’re going up.

Have a great evening, we’ll see you tomorrow!