Recognition Part 2

Groups 3 and 4 started uesterday morning in Arnold Hall, with the Maltz Challenge, a team building activity.

Maltz Challenge - This annual event began in 2006, in honor of USAF MSGT Michael Maltz, who was killed in action during a rescue mission in Afghanistan. This event is a memorial workout event/salute to those who have been KIA.  A lot of the activities during this event are focused on teamwork and supporting one another.



Groups 1 and 2 were out in the HAC (Holiday Athletic Center, the indoor training facility for the football team), going through ACE (Agile Combat Employment) Simulations.



After lunch, hygiene, hydrate, and gear check break, the groups switched locations. Groups 1 and 2 in Arnold Halll, Groups 3 and 4 inside the HAC.

In the evening after dinner the Class of 2025 competed in their final Knowledge Bowl.  K-tests are done throughout the year, usually on Sunday evenings, which tests the fourth degrees knowledge on various subjects such as Military History and various types of aircraft flown both by the US and those flown by our enemies. These tests are designed to help cadets memorize and learn information exactly as written and recall that information under stress.

Then each squadron spent time with their AOC’s taking part in Squadron Heritage Events.  These events we did not cover due to privacy.  We will be back today for the “Run to the Rock” and coverage of the Recognition Dinner.

To view all of today’s photos, (Set sort order from OLDEST to Newest), go to GALLERIES > MILITARY TRAINING > RECOGNITION pg. 14 or click on the group links below.  Please note that due to numerous locations and photographers the groups are listed by the time that they were scheduled and may contain other squadrons.

Arnold Hall AM pgs 14 - 39

HAC AM pgs. 39 - 65

Arnold Hall PM pgs. 65-75

HAC PM pgs. 75-93