Rising Dawn

Update July 30th at 6:50 PM MT - Photos are still going up, everything should be visible by 8:00 PM MT

It was a special privilege for WebGuy to be allowed into Jacks Valley today. We have never seen Operation Rising Dawn, we just heard rumors. It was quite the site. The team woke up at zero dark thirty to make it in on time and spend the majority of the day out there. So many pictures were taken, which is why there is it’s own folder. Rising Dawn.

Here’s what they did, we did not get every course.

Course A: AFT to CATM

Course A2: First Responders Course (Did not cover, it's on the other side of Jacks)

Course B: March back from CATM

Course C: CBRNE Relay

Course D: PT Grinder

Course E: Knowledge


Course F: Truck Push

Course G: Assault Course

Course H: Obstacle Course

Course I: Fallen Warrior

You can find all the photos in Classes > 2023 > Rising Dawn. Or click the link below.

Rising Dawn Photos