Noon Meal Formation Squadrons 11-20 and 31-40

USAFA cadets formed up on the Terrazo today for noon meal formation.  Squadrons 11-20 and Squadrons 31-40 made up today's formation.



Cadets attend morning classes or study until just after 1100, when they return to their squadron area to prepare for the noon meal formation and lunch. At 1145, the Squadrons that are scheduled for that days noon formation line up by squadron in front of Vandenberg and Sijon Hall on the Terrazzo. They then march across the Terrazzo to eat lunch at Mitchell Hall.



Formations and marching help cadets learn how to be on time. Take accountability of personnel and then march in a military manner.  For large groups of people, marching is the most efficient way to get people from point A to point B.  There will be times in the cadets career where they will have to march a further distance than Mitchell Hall.  These noon formations and marches are a way to practice for those events.



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Group 2 Pg. 63-77 Squadrons 11-20

Group 4 Pg. 77-89 Squadrons 31-40