Tailor Shop for Barbarians and Cobras

The Cadet Tailor Shop at the Academy is a wonderful benefit for the cadets. Having a dedicated Tailor Shop at the Academy saves time and money for the cadets, especially since the fourth and third year classman are not allowed to have a car at the Academy. The Tailor shop is definitely busy this time of year with all the basics getting their uniforms issued and then needing them tailored.  Their hardwork is greatly appreciated!


The Tailor Shop is located in Sijan Hall and all Basic Cadets will be stopping by to get uniforms altered.  Barbarians and Cobras stopped by this week to drop off their Blues uniform pants for hemming and tailoring.  


No time is wasted during Basic Cadet Training.  Time in the hallways is often used for studying the Contrails book or to practice standing at attention. 


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Barbarians Tailor Shop pgs. 84-98  Barbarians

Cobras Tailor Shop pgs. 68-83  Cobras