Happy Birthday USA!

Happy Holiday Families! 

Holidays like today make one remember that the US Military is an all volunteer force.  Our children have made the decision to join the military during a time of world strife when they could have chosen an easier path.   As we pause in our photo coverage to allow our photographers, editors, bloggers, and IT folks who make WebGuy possible to be with their families, I thought the video below produced by the AOG for Founders Day 2016 was appropriate for the day.  Many of you may have already seen it, especially if you attended one of the Appointee send-offs where I spoke this summer.   It's my favorite. 

Enjoy the day with your families and rest assured that your basic cadets are in good hands.  The people training them care about their welfare and success.  Today will not be all work and no play (literally) for your basics.  They had intramurals again this morning.   :-)

Our photographers will be out in force again tomorrow to capture the action.