Morning PT

It was another beautiful mornign for PT!  Aggressors, Barbarians, Cobras and Demons, Executions, and Flying Tigers were out doing PT, while Guts and Hellcats did the AFT (Aerobic Fitness Test) which we were not cleared to photograph.  Each squadron has been rotating through various athletic areas and so each PT session has been varied.  You can find your squadron and location below.

Indoor Track-Aggressors


Upper Field- Barbarians


Lower Field- Cobras and Demons


HAC- Executioners


Blue Top- Flying Tigers


To view photos, go to Classes > 2024 > BCT1 > Select your squadron, sort Newest to Oldest or click on the links below.  NOTE: Cobras and Demons were together on the Lower Athletic Field: Go to, Classes > 2024 > BCT 1 > ALL. Select sort order Oldest to Newest  Type in page 667. Enter. (pg. 667-678).

NOTE: Guts and Hellcats were doing the AFT (Aerobic Fitness Test) and were not photographed today.

Aggressors: Indoor Track

Barbarians: Upper Athletic Field

Cobras and Demons: Lower Athletic Field (SORT OLDEST TO NEWEST)

Executioners: HAC

Flying Tigers: Blue Top