Doolie Day Out

The Class of 2025, also now know as "Doolies", started their day at Clune Arena awaiting pick up from their new sponsors for what is known as "Doolie Day Out."

Couples or Families within a 50 mile radius of the Academy can sign up to become a sponsor of a cadet or multiple cadets.  As stated from the official USAFA website 'Cadets come from all across the nation, and often their families live far from campus. Our sponsor family program is made up of local Academy supporters who are willing to provide a home-away-from-home to Academy cadets.'

Doolie Day Out is the first chance that the new cadets have since arriving to the Academy to go off campus and it is the first time they meet their sponsor family.  For the Intercollegiate athletes, the coach is often their sponsor.


Doolie Day Out (DDO) started at 0730 this morning for the intercollegiate athletes in the lower Clune Arena parking lot.  From 0800 to 0930 the rest of the Doolies were picked in the upper Clune Arena. They all looked sharp in their blues uniform and they all looked happy to be getting away from the Academy and to having some relaxation and good food.  




You can find all this morning’s pictures in GALLERIES > Extracurricular > Cadet Life.  Set photo order OLDEST to NEWEST. Select your start page. Or click on the link below.

Doolie Day Out pgs. 1-30   Doolie Day Out