Monday Recap

Welcome to your Monday night blog! We hope you enjoyed the intramural coverage this morning. We were out in force and did our best to get everyone for you.

We just want to take this time to preface the evening blog. There are two squadrons that did not have additional coverage today. It is not that we did not want to cover them, it was what they were doing were things that we were not able to attend, due to the  nature of the activity. We know you miss your basic, but sitting in line for Proxy badges is just one of those things we’re not allowed to cover! Today starts a rotation of this. We will warn you at the beginning of the blog, so if you are parents of those squadrons we miss, you will know before you search and wonder where the pictures are.

Today the two squadrons happen to be Barbarians and Hellcats. We will be catching them tomorrow though, so do not despair!

We were at the Cadet Store today to catch Aggressors, Demons, Executioners, and Flying Tigers. Those basics were able to pick up supplies they need to get them through the next few weeks. We also caught up with the Cobras and Guts at the Tailor Shop as they start to get fitted for their other uniforms besides ABUs and PT gear.

And that ends our coverage for the day. We’ll be back out tomorrow for another round and some more information. Tonight you will find that those squadrons who have pictures will not only all be in the BCT 1 gallery, but will start to be in the individual squadron gallery as well!

On a side note: If you’re an upperclass parent that is following the blogs waiting for Cadre pictures, you haven’t been forgotten! There will be a post just for you tomorrow!