Ground Hog Day


Tomorrow is BCT DOT (Day of Training) 14.  Two full weeks since I-Day.  As I sit here in my office watching the rain on the window I am reminded of one of my favorite movies, "Groundhog Day".  It's been cold and gray and very, very routine for the Basics.  This part of BCT always reminds me of that movie.  Every day feels exactly the same.  For the past week they have been cycling through an endless routine of testing, dental clinic, getting the ID badges, sexual assault awareness training, shopping in the cadet store for ironing boards, getting fitted for all their uniforms, and hearing lectures on living honorably.  They also have had our personal favorite "Cadre Discretionary Time".    This last item can involve a variety of training items that the Cadre can choose from which usually takes place in the cadet dorms which are mostly off limits to we "Media" folks.   When my son was a basic cadet in 2004, it was the least enjoyable time of BCT.  

That being said, things are about to change.  BCT2 starts on Saturday!  This is the most rigorous part of BCT, but it is also the most fun and interesting.  We are still almost two weeks away from Jack's Valley, but a lot of the mundane stuff is behind us.  This training is going to pick up pace.  Tomorrow is the first PFT (physical fitness test), Friday is Field Day, and Saturday is the Pike's Peak Rodeo.  Time to eat pizza, turkey legs, & I suspect sleep a little while sitting up in the stands.  The Basics also will meet the new cadre who will take them the rest of the way through basic.  So, sit back and get ready for BCT Part Deux.  We'll be there to cover it all day by day.

Webster already gave you a peak at Field Day, but here is a video of the Class of 2015's day courtesy of Cadet Wing Media.  There were 10 BCT squadrons back then.  Enjoy!