Drill Demons and Hellcats

Since this is the second time around on Drill coverage, we won't be putting as much informative information on what Drill is in our blog. You can always click on a previous blog for the information.


Drill will continue throughout BCT and WebGuy will cover it when we can, but as they get ready for Jacks Valley, other training will be taking place that we won't be able to cover.  So there will be days where your Basic's squadron will not be covered.  But this may be a good thing and give you some rest to get ready for Jacks Valley!


Today's squadrons were Cobras, Executioners, Flying Tigers and Guts (only Guts Flights A,C, and D were doing drill) were out on the Terrazo practicing their Drill.  There has been significant improvement in just a few days and they are all starting look sharp while marching in formation.


*** WebGuy would like to take this opportunity in the blog to explain how our coverage works.  WebGuy has the priviledge of photographing the USAFA cadets and we follow USAFA rules and regulations.  What this means is that we cannot cover every event that takes place at USAFA or during BCT.  During BCT there are events such as getting their ID badges, Security Clearance paperwork, First Aid Training, and Classroom learning.  WebGuy does not photograph these events as we do not want to be a distraction to them or the leaders during BCT. 

Each of the eight squadrons have a different daily schedule.  All of them will do the same events but on different days and times.  This is why WebGuy coverage most likely will not have all squadrons photographed each day.  And as previously stated, the schedule can and will change and we don't always get notified of these changes.  We will cover the main events that we are allowed to do and by the end of BCT, the number of photos for each squadron should be fairly even. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate our way through another BCT!

You can find today's drill photos under CLASSES > 2025 >BCT-1. Select your squadron.  At the top of the page, make sure your Sort Photos is set  OLDEST to NEWEST.   Select your start page. Or you can click the link below. * Sort Photos must be Oldest to Newest otherwise the link will not take you to the correct page.

Demons Drill Practice pgs. 41-46 (start is at bottom of page 41)  Demons

Hellcats Drill Preactice pgs. 24-33  Hellcats