Write your Basic (and other things...)

Good Morning WebFamilies,

For some reason summer has gone away today in Colorado Springs. Storms are predicted all day and it will barely be 70. Guess we're back to spring here in the foothills.  We won't have new coverage today, but we do have an assignment for you! Write your basics! Write them all the words of encouragement you said to them before they left. Write them how proud you are of them! It will go a long way. We're still only in BCT 1, but soon they move over to Jacks Valley and those letters will mean the world to your basic as they re-read them after a tough day on the Assault Course or surviving a Colorado afternoon summer storm in their tent. 

We also have a few administrative things to share. Reflective belts on a basic are not a bad thing. In Jacks it usually means they are the end of their flight for safety crossing the road purposes. In BCT 1 it usually means some sort of physical limitations. This is so they can recover and be back up to full participation as soon as possible. Also, we were informed of a uniform issue. This does affect our coverage just a bit so expect more Drill pictures in the future. For those of you having trouble finding pictures of your basic, they most likley are in the galleries. They can just  be hard to find as they all do start looking alike in ABUs and gold hats or they have become really good at hiding from us. Both are a strong possilibty we have heard of in the past!

And lastly, as WebGuy 2.0 said, please do not judge us on photo count. The team does our best to get everyone, every day with the time we are allotted by the Academy and BCT staff. We try to tell the story of BCT through WebGuy, so somedays we might not get every squadron, every flight, every basic but know that your basic is going through the same experience as the ones we were able to capture. 

Now write your letter, then go out and enjoy your Saturday.  We hope many of you have better weather! We will be back tomorrow with more pictures for you!

The WebTeam