Summer Seminar Continues

Good Morning Families!

As we start Day 5 of Summer Seminar Session One, the students are at the USAFA airfield.  As ususal we will have lots of photos of todays concluding events, but I thought you would like to know what has been happening the last couple of days.  Days 3 & 4 are the Academic Days.  The activities are duplicated  both days so every student gets the opportunity to do everything.  Both mornings were devoted to Academics.  Students got their choice of classes each day.  Here are a few photos.


After lunch each day, the students were split into groups.  First groups did the ropes course and a tour of the Chapel, while the other groups toured the athletic facilities and met with ROTC and took the CFA.  The next day they switched.  Some downtime was also built into the schedule.  :-)  Here a rew photos of both days.





There are lots more photos in the session one galleries at, so you are sure to find your student there.  Be sure and check back tomorrow for all the action from day 5.