Hello All! WebHatter here.

Today is Day 7 in ESET for the current group. The locations that were covered today were Mout and Downed Aircraft. I know those are usually the ones we tell you about. We go to these two locations the most because of the cadet footprint through these places. It's more likely we will get everyone at these areas than anywhere else. Not to mention it's probably two of my favorite spots in ESET for seeing Cadets in action.

At Mout they have to come in with a plan, they're told that they have to rescue a hostage and they must figure out a way to do this with minimal causalities in a specific amount of time. Each group is given an hour tops to complete this task. Some take less than 15 minutes to go through the scenario, while others can take up that whole hour. 

At Downed Aircraft they must go into the scenario on high alert. Today the Cadre stationed there were "selling" guns and were trying to get the Cadets to buy them; all the while having a hidden IED nearby - to see if the Cadets would take notice. Needless to say, your Cadets were very smart. They not only all noticed the IED within the first few minutes of searching the area but they also didn't give in to any purchases :P.

Since pictures were taken today, you will probably see them up in the gallery in the next few days. Don't forget to check the ESET Gallery for previous days that have now been posted in the last day or two as well!