Tuesday Recap

Another day comes to a close here at USAFA. As we stated in the previous blog, there will be no new pictures for Demons or Flying Tigers this evening.

This afternoon we were able to catch Aggressors, Cobras, Executioners, and Guts out and about at the C Store and Tailor Shop. One of our photographers came back with two stories for us, we thought you would enjoy them as well.

We’d like to welcome back a longtime WebGuy fan. When she was a Cadet, WebGuy was just in its infancy but her dad was a huge fan. As a 2007 Graduate, she was so excited to see WebGuy that she insisted that we get her picture and share her story. They’ve followed WebGuy from the start and are amazed how it’s grown!



The second story is an inspiring one. Shout out to the family of this Cadre for raising a remarkable child.

As part of BCT, basic cadets are required to greet any cadet or permanent party member passing by them as they wait in the hall ways and say good morning or good evening. However this morning a janitor walked by and the basic cadets were silent. The cadre saw this at a teachable moment of respect and kindness. She asked her basics why they didn’t greet him, no reply. She told her basics from now on we greet everyone including the janitors. She also told the Basics that you show respect to everyone including the staff and that is how she was raised and expects that kindness and respect from her cadets. 

WebFamily, this Cadre showed these basics today how to be a great leader of character. She will go far and do great things and we are so proud to know she will be leading our Air Force in the future!


That’s all for this evening. Tomorrow is the 4th and we’ll be back at it again. Expect some afternoon and late evening updates from us.