The Obstacle Course Explained

Happy Thursday Families!

We got more goodies today.  Our office is a VERY popular place.  WebHatter is working on the Thank You notes, but I want to say a blanket thank you here.  Still getting some Skittles, but also the baked goods are rolling in.  The brownies we got yesterday were AWESOME.  They didn't last long.  I ate about five of them and came in this morning ready for one with my coffee and ...  gone, just gone.  :-(    My sorry didn't last long, because our Maryland and Iowa packages arrived.  Never had potato chips that made me think of seafood, or a small cob of corn ready to be popped in the microwave.  That is not to diminish the value or appreciation of the cookies (gone), or other baked goods.  Speaking of Skittles...  All the WebPhotogs gave me such a hard time for asking for the Skittles, but I just want you to know that that hasn't stopped them from eating them.  Just Sayin.  So as each new day brings us more treasures from around the country, we want to once again thank you all for your generosity.

Looks like the the site is all better now.  Mr. T and staff ran a software program this afternoon to try and break the site by pretending that you all were online and opening zillions of photos at the same time while singing the Air Force Song and juggling (or something like that).  They figured out it's tolerances and how much server space and stuff like that they would need to avoid crashes in the future and hopefully that will be the end of our nighttime drama.  Mr. T is sitting at his computer somewhere in Colorado Springs with an adult beverage and watching graphs and spike charts even as we speak.   If all goes well tonight, I think we can officially say that the crisis has passed.  Thank goodness. 

So, some of you have been asking what your Basics are doing specifically in Jack's each day even if we weren't taking that squadron's pictures.  I kind of got my hand slapped.  Turns out for security and safety reasons I'm only supposed to say which squadrons we are planning to cover, but not what they will be doing in advance.  Obviously we can tell you after the fact.  So duly chastised, I can say that tomorrow we will be covering Cobras, Hellcats, & Demons ;-) doing various courses.  Today we covered Guts and Barbarians on the Obstacle Course, and some of Executioners on the Assault Course (that was a bonus), Cobras on the Assault Course and Hellcats at CATM.  Here was the full day today for each squadron.

Aggressors: CBRNE & SABC
Barbarians: Obstacle Course
Cobras: Assault Course
Demons: Confidence Course & LRC
Executioners: Assault Course
Flying Tigers: LRC & Profession of Arms Lesson (This is a lecture)
Guts: Obstacle Course
Hellcats: CATM

Ok, Now about the Obstacle Course.

Before they begin the Obstacle Course, the Basics are walked through a series of stretches and warm-ups. After they're finished, they run onto the course and start the obstacles. It is similar to the Assault Course, in that they do still do exercises between obstacles, but it doesn't involve all the yelling and misery that you get on the A-Course.

When they finish the 17 obstacles, this is how they look.

So that's it for tonight.  If you haven't seen your basic yet, take heart, there are still lots of opportunities left.