Drill Time

Marching as a group is an effective way to travel from training event to training event during Basic Cadet Training. Most of all drill is instilling discipline and order in each individual in the flight (small unit). You cannot get from A to B without moving together as a team. First and foremost, the military is a team, and being able to conform to the team's standards is critical to all members of the military.

Drill teaches you not only to perform as a team but helps your flight get ready to look good during the final graduation parade. Somewhere in the middle of basic training, the basics will probably learn some marching "jodies." A jodie is kind of a marching song. These are sung during non-formal marching events typically done when traveling or running as a group. These songs / cadences are done when you are doing PT and not marching to the beat of the drummer of the band in formal appearances. We heard a few out at intramurals yesterday! 

You might have seen them on Swearing In day marching onto Stillman Field, they have improved quite a bit!





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