Tuesday Wrap Up

Happy Tuesday!

With the exception of Flying Tigers we were able to catch up with every squadron today. Flying Tiger families we hope you enjoyed your WebGuy break!

We found out some information on Aquatic Screeners and wanted to clarify! So besides Cadre in ABUs, Basics whose swimwear does not fit properly also get to jump in them! There aren’t any extra credit points for that though, but it does make for a fun picture!

Today the Barbarians, Demons, Guts and Hellcats got to cool off in the pool. It was yet another hot day here in Colorado so we’re sure they appreciated the time in the water.


Aggressors went shopping at the C-Store this afternoon. Cobras and Executioners tried on hats at Uniform Issue! As the blog is posted afternoon pictures are still being edited. So check back later for those but morning coverage is up!


We know we’ve been a little scarce on the blog but we’ll have some informative ones coming up for you soon.

If you’re a Cadre parent reading this, it’s Tuesday, new pictures for you!

Have a great evening.