Final Friday Fountain Jumps!

Congratulations to all the seniors for finishing finals week! The last of the Class of 2021 did their fountain jumps today and what a joyous time it was for everyone-there were only two left to jump!!!  WebGuy was there for a few hours this morning and was able to capture the final two that jumped (that we know of).  Since there were only 2 left they get this blog all to themselves!!! Congratulations on finishing finals and your academic career at USAFA you two!  And congratulations to the Class of 2021! WebGuy enjoyed capturing you the past four years and wishes you the best in your future endeavors!



To view photos, go to Galleries > Extracurricular > Graduation Week. Set photo order OLDEST to NEWEST. Select start page (pg 12) or click on the link below.

Final two jumpers Friday 2021!