Class of 2024 Crest Design with Jostens

The crest design process takes a full year to complete. The design process starts with the class selecting a crest design committee at the end of their freshman year.  The committee submits a few mock-ups to the AOG and Jostens.

Jostens artists then take the sketches and produces several versions of a crest (seen in the photos).



Early in their sophomore year, the committee gets together with the artists in person and reviews the artists’ versions and tell the artists what they like and don’t like from each version. The artists make changes real time to the sketches to capture what the class wants in their crest.



In a few weeks, the artists will have updated, narrowed down versions of the crest for the committee to review. The AOG reviews the new versions with the committee and takes notes on the revisions that the committee wants to make. Jostens artists review the updated revisions and come up with three final versions of the crest for the class to vote on as a whole (usually voting occurs before winter break)

The winning crest is sent to the Superintendent for approval with a write-up from the committee justifying placement and items on the crest. Upon USAFA Superintendent approval, the wall crest goes into production with sculptor Jim Nance ’71 and the class ring mold goes into production at Jostens.