Countdown to Doolie Day Out

Happy Friday!

First, my apologies for the technical issues that prevent my blog last night.  We are all slaves to the internet and it wasn't cooperating for me last night.  That being said, it kind of worked out because to tell the truth I was struggling to come up with something unique to say about aquatics.  Hopefully you all found the photos though.  Oh, I do have something about the Aquatics Screening.  It really is just another assessment like the academic testing is.  It helps the athletic department place them in the proper level of PE class.   So there you go. The basics below seem to have enjoyed the experience.

Before we get going, lets all take a minute and wish the Prep Class of 2018 all the best.  Remember how you all felt on June 29th?  That's how those families feel today.  The new preppies are the same age as your basics, but they have a longer road to hoe.  I was a Preppie Parent in July 2003.  I remember.  So, take a minute and add an encouraging comment to our Facebook post tonight for the Preppie Families.  Their basic training is shorter, but they have to do it again next summer when your kids are jumping out of airplanes.  For the Priors, they have to do it three times, and some of the Priors have already been in the Air Force three years and been deployed.  We all owe them our respect.

Now, that being said,  for the Class of 2021, today is about the second PFT and haircuts.  We'll be covering all the squadrons doing both, but as before the PFT photos will be added to the existing PFt/AFT gallery.  Haircuts should be in the squadron galleries.  Since haircuts are primarily a male activity, the ladies will not have many photos.  Sorry. 

I will have another blog for you this evening talking about DDO expectations and such, but for this morning I thought I would include a preview photo of how good they will look in their blues tomorrow.  Thanks to the Class of 2019.

Ok, that's it for this morning.  Enjoy the day!