Summer Soaring - 1st Period

Hey 2020 WebFamilies! Your Cadets have completed their first year here at the Academy and now get to experience Upperclassmen programs! Over the course of the next three summer periods, your cadets will be able to participate in a couple of different programs. This is Summer Soaring!

Back in December, Cadets had to apply for the Airfield program they were hoping to take during one of the 3 summer periods. I wonder who got Soaring?!

During each of the three periods Cadets will be all over the Academy participating in different summer programs. We get to stop by the following summer programs; ESET, RPA, Jump, Powered Flight and Soaring.

The Basic Soaring program (Airmanship 251) provides a motivational experience for all 3rd class cadets. This program is the largest Glider operation in the world and its mission is to build character, and help motivate cadets as well as form the foundation of cadet exposure to military aviation, which is what many of them will do in their Air Force careers following their 4 years at the Academy. The cadets first experience soaring in the TG-10B or TG-16A which familiarizes them with aircraft controls, the ever-present crew checklists, area/pattern work, and the perspective to earth.



Cadets at Soaring are making their way through their 14 Flights. Once they have completed and passed 10 accompanied flights, they are able to go for their solo flight. Taking summer Soaring will also make them eligible for AM 461, the Cadet Instructor Pilot Upgrade program which they would take their Sophomore year to become a Soaring IP.




Each period there will be 3 groups going through Soaring; A Flight, B Flight and C Flight. So far this period we have been able to catch A and C Flight. But trust us when we say it hasn't been for lack of trying with B Flight.

The weather during the summer months here at the Academy can be a fickle thing but that won't stop us from going out to catch as many cadets as we can as they go through all of the Upperclassmen programs!

We are hoping to catch B Flight sometime in the next week or so, so be sure to check back for updates from our coverage of this Periods B Flight!

To view the rest of the pictures from our coverage of Flight A and Flight C go to; Galleries - Airmanship - Soaring. Or click the link below. Make sure you switch it to 17-18 Academic Year or you will be looking at last years pictures!

Summer Soaring - 1st Period - A Flight and C Flight