Jacks Valley Course Tour

There wasn't any photo ops of Basics for today and since our Team has several new photgraphers, we jumped in the van and headed out to Jacks Valley for a tour of the courses! Not only does this make sure we are safe, it makes sure our Team is in the best possible place to grab great shots of your Basics in action!

There are several courses in Jacks Valley that the Basics will get a chance to experiece here very soon! Here are a few shots of what they will get to climb over, on and through!


Lots of high obstacles and ones with plenty of water! that barbed wire? Moving fast through the course is a must but you also need to have control of you and your weapon at all times. 

We hope you enjoyed the quick preview of the courses, please stay tuned for more photos coming up here very soon, the schedule and event coverage will get good over the next few weeks!