We had some car problems

All right folks, I feel like I owe you an explanation. Photos from this morning will unfortunately be low in numbers for many squadrons. The reason for this is we ended up being down three photographers for two and a half hours while the courses were running. We had some...car problems. And our van didn't want to cooperate. And Jacks Valley is made of sand.


So. We ended up getting our van stuck deep in the sand. Of course it happened far, far away from anyone else in Jacks. Here's what it looked like - me digging out our van with a stick shovel while Webtar and WebRebel took photos. Ugh, I have to do all the work around here. (Admittedly, they both did just as much work as I did.) We were finally able to get some help and get pulled out of there a few hours later.


So there it is. If any of you were wondering why your photo count was low today, that's why. We reallocated our remaining photographers as best we could, but unfortunately it still results in less photos overall.