The Confidence Course

It's Saturday! 

BCT officially ends a week from today!  Still lots to come though. 

Today we talk about the Confidence course.  Have you ever seen those redwood backyard Jungle Jims that you can buy at Lowes or Home Depot, or gone to a big park and seen those structures they build for kids to play on? Well the C-Course is that on steroids.  It's McDonald's Play Place for big people built in the woods.  There is a good reason why it gets a WebGuy Fun Rating of 8.  It actually looks fun.

The Confidence Course is a pretty relaxed course. The Basics aren't yelled at or physically trained here, and they only run the course once (as opposed to the Assault Course and Obstacle Course, which they run twice). As the name implies, the course is meant to build the Basics' confidence in themselves as they complete each obstacle successfully.

Today the Executioners were on the C-Course.  You folks who have been wondering what happened to the Hellcats will be happy today.  We caught them on the Obstacle Course.  Aggressors & Guts families, you get the photo day off. Here is the rest of today's action breakdown. 

Barbarians - CBRNE
Cobras - Obstacle Course
Demons - Assault Course
Executioners - Confidence Course
Flying Tigers - Assault Course
Hellcats - Obstacle Course

Just a reminder... Tomorrow is Summary Sunday.   We will still be covering the courses in action though, and those photos will all be up on Monday.  As I write this, most of today's action is already up in the galleries, but not all.  Be patient if you are waiting for the assault course photos.  They always seem to be the last to get edited. 

And finally...

There is a tradition with painting some rocks in Jacks Valley.  It took a while to get done this year, but here you go.

One color and size for each class color based on pecking order.  Now you might be asking yourself "Where is the blue rock?"  Well, the blue class isn't at Jacks this summer.  They were the Basics last year.  They don't mind that they don't have a rock here right now.  They are busy doing this...

Next summer your kids will be also.  The best is yet to come.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!