March Out

The March began on the Terrazzo this morning as all the Basic Squadrons lined up for the march to Jacks Valley. 


A big shout out to those that made it early morning to support the Class of 2027 as they headed out to Jacks. You're in the gallery too!




Once the basics got in to Jacks Valley, Brigadier General Marks the Commandant of Cadets and USAFA Class of 1996 gave inspiring remarks to the class and cadre to kick off the start of the encampment. 



Tommorow, bright and early, the Basic Cadets will kick off their first full day of courses and activities.  As stated in an earlier blog, your WebGuy Team will be out covering covering courses. We will do our best to get the course coverage up the same day.  Be aware we will be covering 4 events daily so not every squadron will have coverage each day. 

Jacks Valley is the WebGuy Team's favorite part of the year and we look forward to capturing photos of your basics as they work hard as they are pushed to their limits and relish in their accomplishments. 

ALL PHOTOS in JACKS VALLEY will now go into the BCT2 folders.  Most events will be seperated into squadrons and we will alert you when a squadron is being covered and where you can find the photos.



To view all of today's photos of the March Out to Jacks Valley, go to CLASSES > 2027 > BCT-2 > ALL,  Sort order must be first set to OLDEST to NEWEST. Or simply click the link below.

March Out to Jacks Valley