WOT 2 DOT 13

Happy Tuesday Families!

We have a couple of lite days of photo coverage coming up, but it will not be a total blackout.  The Hellcats and Cobras had their turn in dental clinic today.  Col (Dr.) Weiskircher was busy again doing his smile inspections.  He probably has no idea how many scrapbooks he will eventually be in. 


The Cobras were there this afternoon, so their photos will be up later this evening.  Hellcat photos are up now.  Speaking about the dental clinic...  Today was our last day there.  All the squadron's have been through now.  Which leads me to some good news and some bad news for the Aggressors.  The bad news first.  We missed them there yesterday.  No Aggressor teeth photos for us (and you). :-(    It was a schedule SNAFU for us and we do feel badly about it.  Now before you stop baking all those goodies, let me give you the good news.   Tomorrow, while the entire BCT wing is doing paperwork and therefore  we had no photo coverage, it turns out that the Aggressors will need to go to Uniform Issue for fittings and such.  Our friends in USAFA Public Affairs have given us the OK to be there, so we will make it up to you.  There will be Aggressor photos in their folder tomorrow.   No photo ops with Dr. Weiskircher, but you never know who might turn up.  We'll all find out tomorrow.

Now on to a different topic.  Thanks to all who commented on my blog about mail and photos yesterday.  It's a tough reality check when the girlfriends get the letters and not you.  It doesn't mean they don't love you. Trust me on this.  They will be SO VERY HAPPY to see you come Acceptance Day and Parents Weekend.  You will totally forgive them for not writing. 

Ok.  As I said, tomorrow will be lite (except for Aggressors).  Use the time to catch up with other famility members and pay some attention to your spouse and other children.  Keep those cards and letters coming in.  They may not be writing to you, but they definitely want to hear from you. 

I'll be back tomorrow with a few new thoughts that I have been saving up for a lite day.  Thanks for all the love and kind words you have been sending our way. 

Talk to you tomorrow!