In-Processing Day 2022 - Part 2

WebGuy coverage of I-Day continues. Within this blog, there will be photos from the Bus Pickup, Footprints and the Core Values Ramp. 

After the Oath took place, basics were picked up by the buses where they were taken to the famous Footprints in front of the Core Values Ramp.

Once basics leave the bus, they are corrected at by the cadre (junior or senior cadets). The cadre are there intimidate the new basics by telling them to tuck in their shirts, stand up straight, etc. At footprints, the basics learn how to properly stand at attention. The cadre also ask the basics the 7 basic responses. These responses are yes sir/ma'am; no, sir/ma'am; no excuse, sir/ma'am; sir/ma'am may I make a statement; sir/ma'am, may I ask a question; sir/ma'am I do not understand; and sir/ma'am I do not know. Basics are asked to recite these responses loudly and clearly. 

After being put through the test with the cadre, basics then must walk (not run) quickly up the Core Values Ramp where they get their haircuts and other necessities required to be a cadet at USAFA. 




Part 2 of I-Day features photos of Bus Pickup, Footprints, and Core Values Ramp

Photos are divided by photographer. There were 2 photographers at Footprints and the Core Values Ramp. Be sure to check both galleries. If you see your son or daughter in one photographer's gallery, there is a chance they will also be in another photographer's gallery. 

Stay tuned for more I-Day photos from WebGuy!

Go to CLASSES > 2026 > In-Processing. Set your sort order from OLDEST to NEWEST.

Bus Pickup photos begin on page 171. 

Footprints photos from the first photographer begin on page 221. 

Footprints photos from the second photographer begin on page 295. 

Core Values Ramp photos from the first photographer begin on page 382. 

Core Values Ramp photos from the second photographer begin on page 438. 

You can also click the links below to access photos:

Bus Pickup Photos 

Footprints Photos - Photographer 1

Footprints Photos - Photographer 2

Core Values Ramp photos - Photographer 1

Core Values Ramp Photos - Photographer 2

I-Day Class of 2026 video, created by the Association of Graduates (AOG) Communications Team: