Cadet Wing Morale Project

During the current COVID-19 situation, the health and well-being of cadets is the utmost priority and with the Thanksgiving Holiday approaching, the Cadet Wing asked the Air Force Acadamy Foundation and the Association of Graduates to help, by raising funding to supply care packages for each cadet squadron.  The 10th Force Support Squadron is partnering with The Foundation and the AOG to sponsor 40 large, squadron-based care packages to provide every cadet with needed non-perishable food, holiday decorations, games, drinks and more.

Today several volunteers from each organization gathered to put together the care packages for each squadron.



Each care package contained food snacks, candy and drinks.  There were also Christmas decorations, games and puzzles, and a Keurig Coffee Maker with coffee pods. We are sure that will be a big hit in each squadron! Previous graduates as well as the community recogize the difficulty the cadets have had the past few weeks. Hopefully this will bring some cheer to them and help get them through the next few weeks until the Holiday break.




 A few squadrons were able to pick up their care packages tongiht and the remaining squadrons will pick theirs up at Arnold Hall over the next two days.



Thank you to all who donated to make this project happen! There are still 3 days left to contribute so if you would like to donate, please click on the link. 

 Cadet Holiday Care Package Fundraiser

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Holiday Care Packages