BCT Training Day #3

Welcome to BCT training day #3.  The current weather forecast calls partly coudy skies with a high of 82°.  We should get some thunderstorms during the evening.  In short a typical Colorado summer day.  Like yesterday, this will be a relatively lite photo day.   I say relatively because we still took 3000 photos yesterday.  Still a far cry from I-Day when we set the single day record with 16,800 photos taken.  They are finally all up in the I-Day gallery.   Most of the Basic's day is dedicated to math & chemistry placement testing.  In between the Basics will get their first opportunity to go to the mailroom.  I hope you have been writing.  All of the squadrons are scheduled to visit, but this being the military, this is all subject to change, so remember the saying "Flexibility is the key to airpower".   As always, if you don't see your child in a photo doesn't mean they weren't there.  Our photographers are deployed to catch whatever happens and hopefully we will have lots of pictures for you.


Now a word of caution.  When you look at these mailroom photos, whatever emotion you see on your Basic's face, remember that this is literally a snapshot in time.  This may be an emotional moment for some.  These first few days are the most stressful for them and you.  Their world's have been turned upside down.  Whatever emotions we capture in the photo (high or low) will pass as they move on to the next task.   Remember that this will be an emotional rollercoaster ride for everyone so try not to get on the train with them, just find a solid place from which to wave at them as they pass by.