Summary Sunday

Hey WebFamilies, we're back to Summary Sunday.

This week in our recaps we have highlights of some of the different courses your Basics have had to experience while at Jacks Valley. Can you believe just last Sunday was the March Out?! What a week it has been!

After the Basics marched into Jacks Valley they heard Opening Remarks from Gen Wiliams, the Commandant of Cadets.

Below is a clip of the Basics reciting the Airman's Creed which took place after the Commandant's Opening Remarks.

On Monday began the Jacks Valley courses, there are 7 in total. The Confidence Course, Obstacle Course, Assault Course, SABC, CBRNE, CATM and LRC.

Before going through each course the Basics are taught specific stances or actions they will have to use to get through the course, in this first clip the Basics are practicing different grips that they will have to use at the Obstacle Course.

One of the obstacles at this course involves a rope and a pool of water, before executing each obstacle at the courses the Basics must do PT before and after.

Below the Basics must maneuver over wooden logs to get to the other side, if they fall they have to start over.

At CATM, the Basics are taught how to handle a rifle and shoot at a target. Below we were able to capture a quick clip of what it is like at CATM. We can only use one word; Loud.

At the Assault Course prior to going through their second round of the course each Squadron will participate in a Puggil Stick Fight where it is Basic against Basic, the Top 2 Female and Top 2 Male Basics of the Squadron then have the opportunity to start off the course first. The winners of each Squadron will be the ones to participate in Big Bad Basic this coming week.

After the Puggil Stick Fights, the Basics went through the Assault course, the first time around is more of a learning experience while the second has all of the elements involved, here is a quick clip of what their experience is like during their second round of this course.

In the next coming days we will be getting coverage of a few more squadrons going through the courses then Big Bad Basic is on Tuesday and finally the March Out is on Wednesday.

The pictures from our coverage today will be up tomorrow morning so enjoy the rest of your Sunday!