The Day Before Jacks Valley

First some general admin notes. 

1. All pictures from Jacks Valley will now appear either in just the BCT 2 gallery or the individual squadron gallery under BCT 2. 

2. We will cover each squadron at each course unless there are weather safety issues. 

3. There will be a day or two where you may not see your basic's squadron. 

4. This blog is a bit long, but it's full of awesome information! 

5. Thank you to whoever sent the box of goodies to WebGuy for the team, there was no note but it was greatly apprecitated, the team loves snacks! Especially snacks local to you! 


Second some March Out/March Back admin notes.

1. You are allowed to watch. You must park at the Field House and can walk down to the road in front. That is the only viewing point allowed. For March Out please be at the parking lot no later than 6:30 AM MT. Roads close at 7:00 AM! When March Back gets closer we will update with a time. 

2. You may have signs, you may not have noise makers, the basics need to hear the band. Remember to bring sunscreen and water for yourself!


Now the Jacks Valley information! 

History of Jacks Valley

The Air Force Academy occupies 18,500 acres.  For perspective, it is roughly the size and shape of Manhattan (the island in New York, not the city in Kansas).  The Academy site consists of five main valleys that run west-to-east, from the Rampart Range of the Rocky Mountains to the plains below.  The northernmost of the valleys is Jacks Valley.  The area is named after Cleo and Zelda Jack, who had owned a 480-acre ranch in the valley beginning in 1942.

Every summer, Jacks plays host to a key part of Basic Cadet Training, the field encampment portion that takes place during the second half of BCT, typically in late July.  The use of Jacks Valley for BCT began on 25 July 1966, when members of the Class of ’70 marched to the training site.  Since that day, every USAFA class has ventured into the valley to sleep in tents and experience a wide range of activities, to include land navigation, weapons training, and a variety of courses (obstacle, assault, confidence, and leadership reaction). 

Here's a video from one of the first BCT 2 in Jacks. 

As you can see, Jacks Valley is the encampment portion of BCT. Gone are the tents, however, much still stays the same. Throughout the days of July 17 to July 28 the WebTeam will be out capturing the basics primarily at Assault Course, the Confidence Course, the Obstacle Course, CBRNE, and CATM. We'll go into more detail once we start covering. Until then, here's a few throwback videos made by USAFA to give you an idea of what's to come!

Assault Course

Obstacle Course

Confidence Course

And for a little fun, here's how they'll be dining out there!

Rest up, March Out photos come tomorrow and while we'll capture March Out we won't be able to necessarily sort by squadrons.