Summer Seminar Day 2

Good Morning Families!

Today is Day 3 of Summer Seminar.  Time is passing quickly.  Today is Academic Day and it will be another full day of learning about USAFA and the life of a Cadet.  Our photographers are out in force again to capture all the action, but I thought I would tell you about yesterday's events.  All the photos from the first two days action are up in the Day 2 Gallery at  Just click on the link to go directly to that page.

Day 2 is MILEX day.  That is short for Military Exercise.  The focus is on the military side of being a cadet.  The day starts early at 0500 with a "gentle" wake up call from the Cadre (notice the whistle in the photo).  Basic training starts like this every day for Basic Cadets, but it's only this day for your students.


Next, there is some morning wake-up exercise, just to get the blood moving.


After that warm up, it was time for the actual moring PT (Physical Training), followed by some marching and drill.



Then it was off to a BCT (Basic Cadet Training) style breakfast hosted by their Cadre.


All this occurred before most of you left for work.  The military likes an early start to the day. After breakfast and a briefing by the USAFA Vice-Commandant of Cadets, it was the Heritage challenge which afforded the students the opportunity to visit various historical points on the Terrazzo while getting a little more exercise.

After taking a test on the Knowledge information they were required to memorize upon arrival they learned about Spirit Hill and had the opportunity to experience what "taking the hill" felt like.  Something that they will hopefully get to do again as Cadets.

Finally, our coverage ended with the Briefing by Brigadier General Armacost, Dean of the Faculty and an opportunity to find out about the the academic majors offered at the Academic Info Fair.


After dinner there was some free time before TAPS at 2100. Yes, that is 9:00pm.  Trust me, they will be ready to sleep.  So that was the day in a nutshell.  We have taken almost 2400 photos in the first two days.  More to come.  Enjoy!  Check back tomorrow for info about todays events.